4 Tips for the Best Postpartum Snapback of Your Life!

4 Tips for the Best Postpartum Snapback of Your Life!

1. Pace Yourself- We’ve all heard Rome wasn’t built over night…well, neither was your baby. It took our bodies roughly nine months to create a beautiful child and build the fat necessary to nourish their bodies in uetro and post partum. Don’t expect to snap back in one day or 30 days.

2. Set a reasonable goal – If your celebrity crush is Beyonce only expect her post partum waistline if you have an on call personal trainer; personal chef whipping up tasty vegan meals; or the plethora of advantages that come with being a billionaire. Celebrities from Beyonce to Madonna and even Instagram models have access to resources you wouldn’t imagine. Your goals should be consistent with your lifestyle. You will be proud to reach them regardless of the timetable!

3. Ensure your emotional state is healthy – we put a lot of focus on our post partum tummy, thighs and arms but not enough attention on how we are feeling. Motherhood is hard and it’s doubly hard when you don’t feel good about yourself or your parenting. If you ever feel down and unsure of how you will make it, find a support group here.

4. Invest in yourself – You had goals before your life was consumed by swaddling, breast feeding, and the latest sleep methods. That business you’re dreaming of, saving for a girls trip to Spain…those dreams haven’t died so don’t let them. Set a goal of tucking away any amount you can in your “Mommy Jar” or whip out that laptop while the baby is sleeping to great your dream


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