Diaper Rash 101



1. Are you stressed by your baby’s diaper rash? Here's what to do:

How many times have you tried to clear your baby’s skin, but completely failed to get results? I know exactly how it feels. In 2016 my daughter suffered from food-induced diarrhea that left her with the worst rash imaginable. I was frustrated with creams that rubbed off in between diaper changes and creams that were filled with harmful chemicals!  I developed Curasalve products to have an effective and completely natural alternative. In the process of developing organic diaper rash products, I learned the fasted way to alleviate diaper rash should it occur.

Here is how to eliminate diaper rashes fast without harmful chemicals or worsening the rash:

1. Thoroughly rinse, clean and wipe the area after changing using a cotton towel and water. You heard that right a cotton towel and water. The disposable wipes you may be using can contain toxic chemicals that exacerbate the rash instead of help it.

2. Allow the baby bottom to completely dry before adding any cream or paste. I allow my child to lay on a towel diaper free for as long as possible. Before diapering, I put a blow dryer on a low, cool setting to ensure the bum is dry.

3. After drying, dab a quarter size amount of Curasalve treatment paste on any inflamed areas in front to back motions.

4. Place extra attention on the area around the folds of skin and genitals.

5. Make sure the cream creates a thick layer to seal the rash from moisture and allow itself to heal.

6. Always apply Curasalve when necessary during changes to ensure the product is working and protecting the skin from further irritation.

Hope this helps!




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