• Curasalve is NSF Certified Organic

    We did it! Curasalve is officially certified organic by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  Since 2018, we have sourced 100% organic and natural ingredients for our products and we sought an official badge from NSF to prove it.  Our organic diaper paste is made with five clean ingredients:... View Post
  • Fall Diaper Bag Must Haves - Non Toxic Mama Edition

    Here are my five diaper bag must-haves for fall, because packing your diaper bag for family adventures shouldn’t be scary... save the fear for Halloween.  Living in the Northeast, we eat, sleep, and breathe autumnal beauty. It’s kind of in our DNA. In fact, if you haven’t thrown on a sweater by ... View Post
  • Let's Catch Up

    I hesitated writing this blog at all - because honestly, in hindsight, the fire that nearly destroyed my business, ruined my home, and shook my family for over a year now seems a bit… well, incidental. We’re here. We’re healthy. And honestly, right now that’s all that matters to me. We’re all pi... View Post