• Let's Catch Up

    I hesitated writing this blog at all - because honestly, in hindsight, the fire that nearly destroyed my business, ruined my home, and shook my family for over a year now seems a bit… well, incidental. We’re here. We’re healthy. And honestly, right now that’s all that matters to me. We’re all pi... View Post
  • Diaper Rash 101

        1. Are you stressed by your baby’s diaper rash? Here's what to do: How many times have you tried to clear your baby’s skin, but completely failed to get results? I know exactly how it feels. In 2016 my daughter suffered from food-induced diarrhea that left her with the worst rash imaginable.... View Post

    Baby is going to spend plenty of time with Mom, but it is important to set aside some bonding time with your partner. From skin-to-skin to bath time, make sure that your partner has an active role in the first weeks of our child's life.  Below are some more details we found here on the science... View Post