Baby is going to spend plenty of time with Mom, but it is important to set aside some bonding time with your partner. From skin-to-skin to bath time, make sure that your partner has an active role in the first weeks of our child's life.  Below are some more details we found here on the science... View Post
  • 4 Tips for the Best Postpartum Snapback of Your Life!

    4 Tips for the Best Postpartum Snapback of Your Life! 1. Pace Yourself- We’ve all heard Rome wasn’t built over night…well, neither was your baby. It took our bodies roughly nine months to create a beautiful child and build the fat necessary to nourish their bodies in uetro and post partum. Don’t... View Post
  • Help! My Diaper Rash Cream Won't Stay On.

    Diaper rash creams should adhere to the skin and protect your baby's bum from irritants.  Quite often they rub off as soon as you put on your baby's diaper or fail to adhere to the rash site at all.  The reason this is happening is because you are using a thin, water-based cream lacking the appropriate consistency and ingredients to protect your baby's bum. View Post